Data driven ship energy management is the core of everything we do.

In order to improve performance, you need to have an effective plan and a well-defined strategy. Reliable data provides insight for energy saving solutions that drive continuous improvements.
Our approach has been developed over many years, as we worked with leading companies in the shipping industry.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide you through all the stages required to realize tangible savings from ship energy management.

Marorka Products

The hardware and software that propels your energy management strategy

Marorka Onboard

Marorka Onboard enables ocean vessel operators to optimize their fuel consumption by maximizing energy efficiency. Located on board the vessel, it equips you with energy system monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and extensive energy analysis.

Marorka Online

Marorka Online is a secure web application that collates operational data from Marorka Onboard solutions and delivers the results in the form of interactive reports. It provides a valuable overview of your fleet’s fuel use, performance and emissions.

Energy Management Applications

Everything you need to improve your operations and realize substantial savings

Data & Analytics

This core solution handles data logging, reporting and the visual representation of data for review and analysis.


Voyage planning and review is one of the most effective ways to improve performance.

Report management

Reduces manual input and limits the inevitable errors inevitable while creating reports.


Manage the efficiency of electrical production and consumption, steam and discharge operations.

Fuel Manager

Transparency, inventory and visibility of the use of resources are key issues for every shipping company.


Trim helps the bridge team reduce fuel consumption by providing recommendations on the optimal trim that will lead to minimized hull resistance.

The process of data driven energy management

The following elements are essential to energy-efficient operations

  • map
    Before embarking on a journey you need a good map. Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan is a good place to start.
    Document your company’s objectives, monitoring methods, measures, training and evaluation procedures before you pass this point.
  • The first phase of planning is to decide how you are going to track performance. What are you going to measure, and how will you process the data? Our key strength is automatic data logging utilizing the Marorka Onboard Server.
    Many of our clients have a mixed model where some ships implement electronic data logging while others collect data through manual reporting.
  • map
    With an energy management plan in place, your company can embark on implementing measures to improve performance.
    Marorka engineers will work with you on selecting the correct applications and actions in order to realize substantial savings.
    We highly recommend implementing a continuous improvement cycle in which every voyage is planned and evaluated by the crew on board and by employees on shore.

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