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Driven by data

Marorka Onboard is a marine energy management and operational performance system which helps you monitor your ship’s performance, optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Located on board the vessel, it equips you with energy system monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and extensive energy and performance analysis.


Marorka Onboard System

Marorka Onboard is designed to enable monitoring and improvement of energy efficiency and operational performance. It includes a central server and data acquisition units for collecting a wide range of on-board measurements. These components form the basic infrastructure for continuous real-time monitoring and improvement. The system can be accessed anywhere on the ship’s network through dedicated workstations, monitoring units or remote client software.

Marorka Onboard transmits data to Marorka Online, a cloud-based fleet performance reporting system, providing shore-based personnel with access to full fleet performance data.

Marorka Onboard can be extended with additional applications which use computer models of the ship’s hull and energy systems to provide real-time recommendations about how to improve operational performance and fuel consumption.

The hardware is selected to endure the harsh conditions aboard ships. We deliver Marorka Onboard with all the connectors and controllers needed to integrate with meters and networks.


Data Integrity

Reliable collection of accurate and detailed performance data is the foundation for improving a ship’s performance. Reliable data is essential to determine the current operating status and to monitor if progress is really being made in improving performance.


Robust Infrastructure

Marorka Onboard provides core functionality that is extended with additional applications covering specific areas for energy efficiency improvements. Products can be selected on a case-by-case basis, thus maximizing return on investment. If your ship is connected to the Internet, Marorka Onboard takes care of sending your data to Marorka Online.




Take action and improve



Machinery identifies ways to improve the operation of all onboard machinery systems. Machinery optimization is focused on the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the efficiency of electricity production and consumption as well as the overall efficiency of the on-board electrical grid.
  • Improving the efficiency of electrical power production and consumption by managing generator loads and reducing unnecessary use of electricity.
  • Providing specialized analysis and advisory support for increasing the energy efficiency of individual systems such as waste heat recovery processes, cargo pumps and refrigeration.


Fuel manager provides an up-to-date reading of the remaining-on-board (ROB) status. It also generates emission reports and maintains a consumption balance audit record between fuel added and actual measured consumption. Key features include:

  • Detailed tracking and reporting of fuel consumption broken down by fuel type, consumer and ship operational state.
  • Up-to-date electronic record of ROB inventories.
  • Consumption balance monitoring and registration of discrepancies between reported fuel additions and measured fuel consumption.


An energy efficient voyage can bring significant savings in fuel costs. Marorka Voyages identifies speed profiles that result in minimized voyage costs for given routes and ETAs, making voyage planning simpler and voyages more economical.

Marorka Voyages enables energy efficient voyage planning based on simulations, modelling and ocean forecasts that will maximize energy efficiency while making sea passages. Fuel consumption and costs for the voyage are minimized, as are harmful emissions.

The application optimizes planning by continuously calculating the most efficient speed of the ship during the sea passage. The ship’s officers can then use the proposed speed profile to reduce fuel consumption.



Trim helps the bridge team reduce fuel consumption by providing recommendations on the optimal trim that will lead to minimized hull resistance. The application also enhances understanding of the relationship between trim, loading and propulsion energy consumption by providing an overview of these important operational parameters and their effects on performance.


Applying the optimal trim can deliver significant fuel savings.


Optimization of dynamic trim

Monitoring of hull performance



Report management combines automatically logged operational data with manual entries on report forms when registering information about the ship’s performance and other operations. It reduces manual input and limits the errors that are inevitable while creating reports.


The information in submitted reports can then be used on board or sent to Marorka Online for further analysis.



Quality control of logged data is performed before Marorka Onboard stores the data permanently in the platform database. The accuracy and precision of measurements are important factors to consider, and all the data used by Marorka Onboard to calculate the ship’s performance and energy management is quality checked. The Marorka Onboard platform has built-in features to detect missing values and to filter outliers and corrupted values.


Data management includes powerful analysis tools for graphically trending and comparing real-time operational values over a period of time, which will assist the crew in locating focus areas for improving energy efficiency and for saving fuel.


Fleet performance at your fingertips


Marorka Online is a secure web application which collects operational data from Marorka Onboard servers and delivers a valuable overview of your fleet’s fuel use, performance and emissions. Marorka Online inspires employees to focus on fleet performance. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet data and facilitates collaboration between ship and shore.


Marorka Online provides the capability to continuously monitor fleet performance. It allows managers to provide crews with additional support in making energy efficient decisions, leading to reduce OPEX costs and increased asset value.



Transparent Ship Management


Marorka Wallboard is a web-based application run as an add-on to Marorka Online. The application is ideal to be displayed on a big TV monitor in management offices where it provides a platform for monitoring vessel and fleet performance in real-time. The objective with Marorka Wallboard is to increases transparency, raise awareness for energy management and provides a good way to actively monitor data quality from the beginning of Marorka projects.

Wallboard image
access to fleet


Marorka Online is always switched on, and you can access your data from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and a browser.


Marorka Online provides interactive reports covering propulsion, machinery, operational profile and emis-sions for a single ship or an entire fleet. It also includes voyage reports and a flexible data dashboard, facili-tating analysis of all measurements sent from ship to shore.

New improved fuel feature


Visualize speed-consumption and speed-power data and create baselines based on statistical fits, allowing performance comparison between time periods for the same vessel or between vessels in the same class. If vessels are fitted with Marorka applications, then Marorka Online provides fleet and voyage overviews of the usage of those applications. Track how closely crews are following recommendations and monitor progress of potential savings.

Marorka Online provides a fleet overview of manually reported consumption, bunkering amounts and remaining on board (ROB) status from Marorka Onboard. Warnings are issued if there is a difference between measured and manually reported consumption.


First step towards Fleet Performance Monitoring, based on manual data entries.


MARORKA REPORTING is an application that helps in tracking and improving how vessels use energy. It is installed on board ships, and allows crew to collect and store data in a range of reports.

When you use Marorka Reporting, each voyage is divided into typical sections (manoeuvring, sea passage, canal passage, etc.) with appropriate reporting logic in each case.  Data is transmitted from the vessel to shore as each report is submitted and stored in a secure data centre. Marorka Reporting provides a framework for valuable performance analysis.


The foundation for online fleet performance monitoring, which can lead to MRV compliance.

An improved flow of information between ship and shore helps to find the most efficient way to operate ships based on accurate data. Knowing the vessel’s performance leads to increased energy efficiency.

Performance optimization and effective energy management are long-term operations. Data must be collected for several months so that a ship’s fuel consumption can be analysed at different speeds and in different conditions. Best results will be obtained with continuous communication and consultation between ship and shore.

Marorka Reporting provides a foundation for online fleet performance monitoring, which can lead to MRV compliance.


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