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  • Marorka has won the contract to provide performance services to ADNOC Logistics and Services, ADNOC’s shipping arm. With its expert team, Marorka is looking forward to maintaining and even further imp


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Data driven, maritime energy management is the core of everything we do. We deliver fleet performance.

Marorka is the leading provider of energy management technology for the shipping industry. In order to improve maritime fleet performance, you need to have an effective plan and a well-defined strategy. Reliable data provides insight for energy saving solutions that drive continuous improvements. Our approach has been developed over many years, as we worked with leading companies in the maritime shipping industry. Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide you through all the stages required to realize tangible savings from ship energy management.

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The hardware and software that propels your maritime energy management strategy



Marorka Onboard enables maritime vessel operators to optimize their fuel consumption by maximizing energy efficiency. Located on board the vessel, it equips you with energy system monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and extensive energy analysis.

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Marorka Online is a secure web application which collects operational data from Marorka Onboard servers and delivers a valuable overview of your maritime fleet’s fuel use, performance and emissions. Marorka Online inspires employees to focus on fleet performance. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet data and facilitates collaboration between ship and shore.


Everything you need to improve your operations and realize substantial savings


This core solution handles data logging, reporting and the visual representation of your maritime data for review and analysis.


Reduces manual input and limits the inevitable errors while creating reports.


Transparency, inventory and visibility of the use of resources are key issues for every maritime shipping company.


Maritime voyage planning and review is one of the most effective ways to improve performance.


Manage the efficiency of electrical production and consumption, steam and discharge operations.


Trim helps the bridge team reduce maritime fuel consumption by providing recommendations on the optimal trim that will lead to minimized hull resistance.


The following elements are essential to energy-efficient operations


Speed optimization can result in a 1-5% reduction in maritime fuel consumtion

The need for the shipping industry to create sustainable business practices and manage energy resources at all levels is evident; it’s actual, and it’s imperative. By improved ship design, gathering reliable data, synthesizing and analysing that data in new ways and utilizing reliable information in daily operations, the entire shipping industry can become more energy efficient, more sustainable and more competitive.

Before embarking on a maritime journey you need a good map. Document your company’s objectives, monitoring methods, measures, training and evaluation procedures before you pass this point.

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With an energy management plan in place, your company can embark on implementing measures to improve performance. We have a long list of recommended measures for improving energy efficiency in navigation, fuel management, propulsion, trim, hull and machinery. Marorka engineers will work with you on selecting the correct applications and actions in order to realise substantial savings. We highly recommend implementing a continuous improvement cycle in which every voyage is planned and evaluated by the crew on board and by employees on shore.

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Daily readings and manual observations will never be an acceptable basis for energy efficiency improvements. Only very accurate systems can support energy efficiency improvement targets between 1% and 10%. Marorka Onboard accurately and safely reads the signals from sensors and stores the measurements in a database for immediate and future analysis.



Dedicated service and commissioning

Once in operation, our maritime energy management experts will deliver the highest service level support to ensure maximum uptime and rapid problem solving.

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A full package of advisory and training services

Marorka offers a full package of advisory and training services for a successful implementation and usage of the Marorka solution. Marorka Advisory use a data-driven approach to energy management. This approach enables your business to realize maximum benefits of the Marorka solution and take next steps towards sustainable fuel savings.


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