New management of Marorka

Bright outlook for Marorka after management buyout

Customers positive towards changes in the company

German investment group and parent company Mayfair recently decided to part with Marorka, the leading producer of energy management solutions for the maritime industry, based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Following this decision, a management team acquired all the shares in Marorka. The company’s core Icelandic operation continues to work normally along with Marorka Singapore, but the German and Danish offices have been closed. All intellectual property rights, brand names, contracts and technical know-how now belong to the Iceland and Singapore entities.

The new owners and the management team are delighted with the successful buyout and takeover. They look to the future with confidence and optimism. After successfully concluding the buyout, the new management team believes that they can maintain a growing and sustainable business in maritime energy efficiency.

Parting with the main shareholder has obviously affected Marorka in some ways. The company’s structure has been simplified and the management and administration setups have been streamlined. Several good colleagues have left the company, but a strong and experienced team remains to continue servicing customers as before.

Feedback has been very positive, and customers have welcomed the changes. They are very encouraging and recognize that production capacity, services and maintenance remain fully functional.

Marorka’s new management team expects a very exciting period in the field of maritime energy efficiency. The company has been actively developing its solutions for several years, and is pleased to see customers reaping the benefits. The maritime sector is in many respects still dealing with the challenge of realizing the full potential of data-driven energy management. Marorka will continue to provide a full range of products to address those challenges.

The new CEO of Marorka, Darri Gunnarsson, says: “Our products help operators improve efficiency by reducing oil consumption, while at the same time improving their environmental profile by cutting emissions. We look forward to helping existing and new customers find ways to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact.”


Image: Gunnar Stefansson, Head of Product Development, Darri Gunnarsson, CEO and Haraldur Orri Bjornsson, Head of Service.