Common vessel performance system nominated for IBJ Awards

Marorka has, jointly with Kongsberg Maritime and AVL, been nominated for the 2009 IBJ Awards. The awards are hosted by the International Bulk Journal, the magazine for the international bulk industry and are held as a salute to excellence within the industry. The three companies are jointly nominated in the ‘Environmental Protection Award’ category as the makers of a common vessel performance system.

This combined system offers as a modular approach where Kongsberg Maritime’s K-Chief marine automation systems, Marorka’s Maren & Fuel Manager Energy Management Systems and AVL’s EPOS Engine Performance and Optimization System are integrated into one system. This system is specifically tailored to each vessel’s specifications, in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Integration is the key word for the new system. It enables captains, navigators and engineers to access vessel performance and control data in a consolidated system where all real-time simulation and key energy performance indicators are displayed in one place providing advices and decision support. For more thorough investigations both the Engine Performance & Optimization parameters and the Energy Management systems data can be viewed separately on the same monitor at the click of a button. The user benefits by having fewer screens to look at, making the system user friendly and simple to use.