COSCO Shipping Aries earns LR’s Cyber AL3 SECURE PERFORM with Marorka Performance Management System

COSCO Shipping Aries, China’s first 20,000 TEU container vessel, delivered to COSCO Shipping last month, is the first ever container ship to receive LR’s Cyber-enabled Ship (CES) descriptive note Cyber AL3 SECURE PERFORM. This was possible thanks to its Marorka Onboard Performance Management system. COSCO Shipping has chosen to install the Marorka Onboard Performance Management system on their vessels in order to accurately monitor and improve the vessels’ performance.

“We are pleased to see one of our most highly regarded customers become the first to receive such significant approval from Lloyds’ Register,” said Marorka Chief Executive Officer, Juergen Kudritzki. “AL3 Secure Platform notation has been achieved thanks to the quality and strength of the Marorka system that COSCO Shipping selected to ensure the vessel begins its life in service with the best performance management system on the market. Cyber security is a critical topic these days, and we were very glad to partner with COSCO to achieve this descriptive note”.

The Marorka Onboard system gives support through automated, real-time interaction between ship and shore. This is only possible by following the strict cyber security protocols. COSCO Shipping Aries complies with LR’s updated ShipRight procedure, with AL3 referring to the accessibility level defined by LR as ‘Cyber access for autonomous/remote monitoring and control where on-board permission is required and on-board override is possible’.

“This truly shows how the Marorka Onboard system is recognized in the shipping industry as a reliable, trustworthy and accurate tool for the shipping industry today, and tomorrow,” said Jurgen Kudritzki.

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