Dalhousie University and Marorka initiate joint research

The abstract below is from the Dalhousie University press release announcing the joint research collaboration:
Dalhousie University is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Maroka ehf, a high-tech Icelandic company specializing in energy management and energy systems research for ocean vessels. The MOU will cover a number of initiatives with Maroka including joint research projects and investigator exchanges between Dalhousie and Maroka.

Maroka Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Jon Augst Thorsteinsson, was in Halifax recently for signing ceremonies with Dalhousie officials. Dr. Ronald Layden Executive Director of Industry Liaison and Innovation at Dalhousie expressed his keen interest in working with Maroka, “Maroka is a great example of high tech success, having developed from university research carried out by company founder Dr. Thorsteinsson in Iceland, Maroka is now expanding its sales and research around the world. We are very pleased that Maroka has chosen Dalhousie as a research partner and hope that the next step will be for Maroka to expand its business enterprise to Halifax as part of its North America strategy.”