Eimskip implements energy management solutions from Marorka

Marorka and Icelandic shipowner Eimskip have signed a contract for the installation and implementation of energy management solutions on board the ships in Eimskip’s fleet. The solutions are designed and manufactured by Marorka, a global leader in the field of energy management systems for ships. The implementation of Marorka solutions puts Eimskip among a growing group of progressive ship operators who have selected Marorka energy management systems for their fleet energy management. Eimskip recognize the importance of applying energy management techniques to minimize fuel consumption, protect the environment and at the same time improve the efficiency of their organizations. The contract was signed on Marorka’s 10th anniversary celebration in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Gylfi Sigfússon, CEO of Eimskip says: This is an important step for Eimskip. We have had a long and beneficial partnership with Marorka during the development of this solution on board our container ship Dettifoss. We have now decided to install the systems in our other ships. We are competing in global markets and we intend to be at the forefront in environmental and corporate efficiency matters. The Marorka solution will underpin this drive and allow us to monitor the fleet’s fuel consumption more effectively. It will also help us to find and assess ways to reduce fuel-related costs, which are our largest single item of expenditure. We are absolutely certain that with this agreement, Eimskip is investing in effective, high-quality energy management solutions. We are delighted to be signing this contract on Marorka’s 10th anniversary.

Jon Agust Thorsteinsson, CEO of Marorka, says: Working with Eimskip over the years has been a pleasure. We are especially pleased with this great step that the company is taking today towards a more environmentally friendly future. Marorka has installed energy management solutions in ships all around the globe in an effort to minimize fuel consumption on the world’s oceans. Contracts such as this one that we have signed today encourage us to keep pushing forwards with the aim of protecting our greatest natural resource – the sea.