Nordic Climate Solutions

Energy efficiency in focus at Nordic Climate Solutions

Nordic Climate Solutions ( took place in Copenhagen 8-9 September. Marorka was one of 67 companies and organizations presenting their environmental technologies to the 1500 delegates. The Marorka stand was well attended where guests expressed their interest in the energy management solutions Marorka offers. The event has turned into the premier event where stakeholders in the Nordic countries come together to discuss current issues and share their expertise on how to fight negative environmental trends.

The conference featured speakers and guest from the political, academic and business arenas which expressed their concerns about climate change. They agreed that many new promising technologies are emerging, but at the same time the future is quite unknown when it comes to energy and environmental issues. Huge investment is needed in infrastructure in order to shift our world’s energy systems to more eco-friendly sources of energy like wind, solar, bio-fuel, hydrogen and others.

Executives from energy companies like DONG, Vattenfall and E-ON argued that energy prices need to stay high in order for public to select eco-friendly solutions and for industries to continue to invest in green technology. Otherwise, people go about the old way of thinking. The climate of investment also needs to be favorable as business will drive the developments forward.

Climate change issues are high on the agenda leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in December. This will serve as the next milestones step after the Kyoto protocol where national leaders are urged to agree on mandatory reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.