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Energy Efficiency in Shipping, London 11th – 12th November 2014

Marorka is a proud sponsor of the Energy Efficiency in Shipping summit, “Latest innovations and techniques to improve fuel economy”, held in London 11-12.11.14.
Oskar Sigthorsson, one of Marorka’s top energy efficiency consultant will be speaking, and CEO, Ole Skatka Jensen will attend the event.

Conference Introduction
Fuel economy and the reduction of emissions are inextricably linked. In 2007, global shipping was responsible for emitting 870 million tonnes, or about 2.7% of the global man-made emissions of CO2. Because shipping is global in its nature, it is in the interests of the ship-owners and operators to increase fuel economy and thus reduce emissions. To this end, there are regulations designed to increase efficiency/reduce emissions, including for example SEEMP and the legislation which will reduce the level of sulphur in oil.

Of course, whilst reducing emissions is necessary in this new age of sustainability and environmental awareness, the cost of fuel has risen significantly in the last decade, meaning ship operators have to either absorb the costs, pass them onto the customer, or try and reduce fuel usage. Reducing fuel usage is the most common sense approach to this issue, and there are a number of ways this can be done, from hull coatings, to route management, hybrid propulsion and even alternative fuels.

Measuring these techniques is an issue for ship-owners, because not one can be measured in situ, but has to be measured amongst everything else. So there is no way of measuring an accurate ROI. This has the effect of making any investment decision one based on rationale rather than concrete results.

Finally, new innovations in increasing fuel economy appear on the market all the time. Some have been researched for years, some only recently, but they all deserve a proper examination. Moreover, the techniques and technologies that have been in use already can be shown to have worked or not.

We look forward meeting you at the Energy Efficiency in Shipping Summit in London, 11th November – 12th November 2014.