Energy saving measures at the heart of your SEEMP

It looks pretty certain that 2013 will be the year of the SEEMP. The industry as a whole is preparing ship-specific energy management plans, and while  some operators are opting for the “paper tiger” route, many others are grasping the opportunity to define a sustainable roadmap for cutting fuel cost and emissions.

When we set about developing our Online SEEMP application, it was evident that the focal point would be the energy saving measures.

Our first task was to compile a list of more than 40 effective measures complete with responsibilities,  estimated savings, realistic goals and ways to track improvements. The measures listed in the IMO reference documents make a good starting point, but we wanted to take it further. Based on our past experience,  we mapped key performance indicators and goals onto the measures where applicable.

Energy Saving Measure Example:

Measure: Hull performance drop
Objective: Monitor hull performance and conduct cleaning when required.
Monitoring: Continious data logging for speed, shaft power, draft and supporting measurments for tracking deviation from baseline curves.
Goal: When performance drops below 10% from last dry dock, a hull treatment is scheduled.
Evaluation: Monthly review through Marorka Online Hull Performance Drop report.
Responsibility: Fleet manager

Compiling and maintaining many ship specific SEEMP documents can quickly become a large project in itself. And then you have to decide how to track implementation, goals and improvements. This was our second priority: to simplify the management and tracking of energy saving measures.

The approach we took was to build a fleet wide measure management system which would give managers a holistic view of upcoming measures and track the key performance indicators for each ship.

You can quickly set up the shared introduction and overview chapters in Marorka Online, then focus on the day-to-day management and tracking of measures. Printing each ship-specific SEEMP with up to date measures for storing on board the vessel is then a simple task. We also foresee considerable time saving when it comes to the yearly review and inspection of each document before the end of 2013.

EEOI screenshot

Marorka Online enables you to track measured and reported data for energy management KPIs such as EEOI that map onto SEEMP measures. This is much more effective than managing individual documents in folders while maintaining a broad overview of your fleet’s performance.

This part of our system is constantly evolving, and as recently as last month we added the ability to automatically track the rolling average EEOI based on measured values for consumption and GPS distance combined with reported cargo.

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