From ship to the office with Marorka Portal

Shipowners are increasingly looking for ways to bring up to date, accurate information on their ship‘s performance to land. Improving onboard reporting processes is an opportunity to reduce manual input, min imize human errors, automate data collection and increase the management‘s knowledge and awareness of their fleet‘s energy performance.

Marorka Portal has already proven of value to several shipowners using the system, making (reports generated from) data collected with Marorka‘s onboard systems available in their offices. Marorka Portal is operating for several ship types today, including a ferry, car carrier and container vessel with virtually 100% up-time. Data is sent to the onshore central Marorka Portal server with configurable intervals ranging from 15 minutes. The information, including a front page dashboard and customized reports, is instantly available with password-protected access through an internet browser.

Marorka Portal is offered on a convenient subscription basis. Please contact our Sales Department for further information.