Marorka Workshop

Future development workshop

A new year has arrived, and here at Marorka we took a fresh look at our systems and spent a day brainstorming to find new ways to enhance our products and services.

We split our staff into a number of teams, each of which discussed new ideas and rated them with respect to customer value and development effort. The team members generated plenty of good ideas, some quite straightforward and others rather farfetched, but each of them gave us a glimpse into what the future may hold.

The most innovative idea was a self-sustaining, algae-fuelled, autonomous vessel to transport cargo across oceans, sailing from port to port with minimal human input and fully automated using artificial intelligence!

workshopAnother interesting idea was to build a pontoon bridge across the Atlantic using old container ships and discarded parts; this floating structure would be skeletal and expandable, with self-driving autonomous trains carrying vehicles, goods and people at high speeds. Then, of course, we discussed wearables, clouds and other emerging technologies.

We certainly don’t lack imagination here at Marorka, but we will devote our time to more realistic concepts before we contemplate joining continents with scrapped vessels!

This was a fun and fruitful day. Participants broadened technological horizons after exploring utopian visions alongside considering achievable targets that will pave the way forward for Marorka products.

It will be interesting to see what the future really holds for all of us!