Get to know our story and colleagues.

By Darri Gunnarsson, Managing Director of Marorka, Koparvogur – Iceland

Welcome to this serie of posts that will feature our story and members of our team. 

Welcome to this serie of posts that will features members of our team. We are all taken by the last week’s horrible events with millions of Ukrainians fleeing their country. This overshadows all other matters. Let us all hope they will soon find a solution that minimizes the human suffering.  

This situation also reveals how depending we are on single countries as oil and gas providers, especially in Europe, with soaring energy prices as a result. Energy saving will be more important than ever before.  

Marorka’s journey

Marorka has for more than 20 years been committed to assist the shipping industry to save fuel and reduce emission gasses. In upcoming posts, we will give you a short introduction of Marorka and our story so far. Then you will be meeting some of the key people in the Marorka / GTT organisation who will tell a little about their background, their functions and the latest news and developments.

Marorka was established in 2002 and fully acquired by GTT in 2019. During our 20 years of operations there have been dramatic changes in our market which was practically not existing when we started out. Now there are many competitors in the field offering a variety of solutions in the digital field of shipping. The maritime sector is committed to increasing efficiency and reducing emissions and every day we enjoy collaborating with our customers in improving their fleet efficiency.

In the early days it was for us a challenge to win an installation on a few ships belonging to an owner. Now we are working with our customers on a fleet-wide basis, improving performance with digital solutions. We like projects where we take on demanding projects, supplying fuel flow meters, shaft power meters, data collections systems and services that typically involve customization. We provide a fleet-wide overview from early on, starting with full installations on selected ships, noon reported data from others and even some data retrieved from other sources.

At present the adoption of high frequency auto-logged data across the whole industry is still low. The majority of the industry is still using noon-reports which comprise data collected once over the last 24 hours. Triggered by upcoming regulations, we expect a gradual transition toward a data-driven decision-making culture using auto-logged data and digitalization. This is not only good for the environment, but it also presents great opportunities for Marorka.

GTT Digital consists of the subsidiaries Ascenz, Marorka and OSE engineering. We form a quite a team in the digital field of shipping. Together we have an impressive portfolio of applications of services that provide value for our customers. The strength and ambition of GTT, the dedication of our team and the close relationship with our customers is a fruitful ground for further development in our field.

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