Marorka CSO Fridtjof Rohde

Greener Shipping Summit 2016 Athens, 15 November

Marorka’s CSO Fridtjof Rohde will be presenting at the Greener Shipping Summit 2016 in Athens, Greece, on Tuesday 15 November 2016 at the Eugenides Foundation. His talk will focus on the reliability of on-board measurements and how to make quality data work for you.

Marorka has attended the Greener Shipping Summit, organized Newsfron Naftiliaki, for the last two years, touching on topics such as “managing energy efficiency” and “how to improve fleet performance” and “performance monitoring and EU MRV compliance”.

The key topics this year will be innovation, performance and propulsion.

We look forward meeting you at Newsfront/Naftiliaki’s Greener Shipping Summit 2016 in Athens.