Fridtjof Rohde

Greener Shipping Summit 2017, Athens, Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fridtjof Rohde, CSO of Marorka, will be attending and presenting at the Greener Shipping Summit in Athens, on 14 November, 2017. Under the title New Requirements – The Horizon is Crowded, the summit will feature: presentations on the latest developments in innovation; dual fuel engines; the looming MRV regulations and their impact on CO2 emissions; and the IMO’s 2020 sulphur deadline.

The title of Fridtjof Rohde’s presentation is Efficient use of real-time data, ship to shore, for avoiding waste of energy and over-consumption, reducing emissions and protecting owners’ assets.

With shipping regulations becoming more and more demanding, the shipping sector needs to start getting smart and find out how to save money, use less fuel and cut emissions. Reporting from ship to shore provides real-time data which makes assessing the need for change more controllable. It can also ease the demands for reporting and compliance. The shipping community must move away from analysing losses, reporting deficits and evaluating damages, and bring about a fundamental change in human behaviour: support the crew in saving fuel and reducing maintenance costs.

Real-time data can help the shipping community overcome its segmentation into business areas. Transparency must be the next great step for the shipping industry. In his presentation, Fridtjof Rohde will show how real-time data can generate significant savings.

Looking forward meeting you in Athens on 14 November 2017.