Hull performance drop in accordance with ISO 19030 standard in Marorka Online

During the last few months, the Marorka Online development team has been working hard on new and improved features in Marorka Online. One of them is Hull performance drop, which automatically generates reports on hull and propeller performance in accordance with the ISO 19030 standard. Hull performance drop calculates the speed drop based on comparisons between auto-logged data and speed-power baselines followed by filtering as specified by the standard.

The following four KPIs are given to track hull and propeller performance:
1. Dry-docking performance
2. In-service performance
3. Maintenance trigger
4. Maintenance effect

The Hull performance drop feature can result in significant fuel cost savings through better monitoring of hull and propeller performance, allowing for informed planning of hull cleaning, propeller polishing and dry docking. Automatically generated reports also cost less than manual reports.

Since its launch in 2011, Marorka Online has been the leading platform to inspire shipping company employees to focus on fleet performance. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet data and facilitates effective collaboration between ship and shore.