Icelandic coastguard selects Maren

Today Mr. Björn Bjarnason, Minister of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs signed, on behalf of the Icelandic Coast Guard, a contract for implementing Maren 2 Energy Management System on board a new Coast Guard vessel. The new vessel will be the first coast guard vessel to be equipped with Maren Energy Management System.

The new Icelandic Coast Guard vessel will be built at ASMAR in Chile and will be equipped with two main engines, four auxiliaries, with a total 5.400 kW electrical power. The system is equipped with advanced, state of the art, control systems. Maren will provide a tool to achieve incresed energy efficiency, lover fuel consumption and thus less pollution and harmful emissions. All of which are important for the Icelandic Coast Guard.

The contract includes complete installation of Maren, crew training in energy management and Maren Membership Agreement for two years after implementation.