Kongsberg Maritime and Marorka enter partnership

Marorka, a leading provider of energy management solutions, and Kongsberg Maritime, the Norwegian maker of marine automation systems, have joined forces in an effort to help shipping companies optimize fuel consumption.

Integrating Marorka’s energy management solutions with Kongsberg’s market leading marine automation systems puts focus on energy efficiency in a dedicated energy performance system, and makes it easier for ship operators to act on advices aimed at reducing fuel consumption.

Real-time simulation and key energy performance indicators from Marorka’s system are displayed within Kongsberg’s interface, enabling vessel captains and engineers to focus on optimizing energy performance.

“There is a growing demand in the shipping industry for user-friendly, comprehensive control systems that allow vessel operators to optimize energy performance metrics onboard. With this agreement, we address the industry’s growing concerns about fuel costs and environmental issues”, said Marorka CEO Jon Agust Thorsteinsson.

The combined performance system will be offered as a modular solution where the Kongsberg K-Chief systems and Marorka’s MAREN and FUEL MANAGER energy management solutions are integrated to fit each vessel’s specifications in order to meet shipping companies’ objectives on energy savings.

“We have chosen to work with Marorka on this project due to their unique and innovative energy optimization solution, which addresses a key issue in the shipping industry in a very effective way,” said Kongsberg Maritime’s General Manager Ketil O. Paulsen.

The international shipping industry is a significant source of harmful emissions and the industry is under pressure to reduce its greenhouse gas emission. Therefore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is expected later this year to introduce various measures to improve energy efficiency of ships, raising demands for ship owners to monitor and report on their vessels’ energy performance and emissions.