Laurin Maritime has reaped benefits from engaging in energy management

Laurin Maritime operates a modern fleet of MR tankers for oil products and chemicals worldwide. A management team oversees day-to-day operation of the ships. Laurin Maritime started with an energy conservation programme back in 2008, and quickly identified the need for an automated data logging system. In 2012, they chose Marorka as provider of that system.

“Today, fuel costs are higher than the daily cost of operating the vessels. It has become necessary to shift our focus over to fuel costs. We identified a need for a system that could monitor fuel performance. We decided to implement an ISO 50001 energy management system on a company wide basis, and we have implemented a system that makes energy usage transparent for the crew and onshore management. We use Marorka Online to collect data for long-term analysis, to establish fleet trending and to highlight the “cost of lost energy,” said Capt. Pär Brandholm, Laurin Maritime’s Environmental & Nautical Manager

“We immediately saw the benefit of using automatically collected data compared to the data from noon reported we used before. The Marorka Maren Solution gives us much better information about what is actually happening on the ships. We can now accurately quantify the fuel oil savings we are achieving from hull and propeller cleaning. To date, we have experienced savings of 9.4% in fuel oil consumption as a result of our energy management activities. The Marorka project has yielded more the double the amount of savings that would have given us a good return on our investment. This project has most certainly proved to be the right thing to do.”

Marorka is proud to have been chosen by Laurin Maritime as provider of energy management solutions. At Laurin Maritime, we have achieved good results by choosing a structured energy management approach with dynamic interaction between ship and shore.