LNG Carrier

LNG carrier performance

As the price of natural gas increases, shipping companies are seeking more efficient LNG carriers capable of delivering the maximum amount of cargo to customers while using fuel as efficiently as possible. Achieving that level of efficiency with low temperature fuel and complex energy systems requires an effective performance monitoring system. Marorka has delivered customized solutions for LNG carriers, both for vessels with steam turbines and others with diesel engines. These custom solutions help shipowners and operators achieve significantly improved energy efficiency during voyages.

An important feature of Marorka’s custom energy management solution for LNG carriers with steam turbine propulsion systems is the ability to monitor the flow rate and excess of natural boil-off gas. Excess use of heavy fuel oil is therefore minimized by using boil-off gas efficiently. Another important feature in these customized systems is the facility to monitor the performance of components in the propulsion system. For example, the main condenser can be closely monitored for fouling, which can cause a significant decrease in overall performance.

LNG carriers are increasingly being equipped with dual-fuel engines, which can utilize forced and natural boil-off gases with a pilot fuel such as heavy fuel oil. A substantial benefit of Marorka’s custom solution for ships with this propulsion scheme is the means to monitor the flow rate of natural and forced boil-off gas, as well as fuel oil consumption, thereby gaining a clearer overview of the ship’s overall fuel consumption profile.