Maren Express – fast track to ship performance management

How much of your fuel budget is attributed to the cost of lost energy?

For the last ten years, Marorka has been developing applications for tracking and improving ship performance.

Today we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our range of products, Marorka Maren Express, a fast and cost-effective way to incorporate a Marorka system as the core of you ship energy efficiency plan.

In this video, Malcolm Holloway explains how to get started with Marorka Energy Management.

Get up and running with automatic data logging and live tracking of your fleet’s fuel consumption. A live data feed will give you an unprecedented insight into your daily operation and allow you to track your energy saving goals.

Choose from a range of ship efficiency KPIs and define long-term improvement measures in the Marorka Online SEEMP. Constantly improve the performance of your fleet by planning and reviewing every voyage from an energy management perspective.

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