Marorka at the Cruise Shipping Miami exhibition & conference March 15-18

With ever more environmentally conscious customers, the cruise line industry continues its commitment to protecting the environment. Up to this point, there has been great focus on developing standards and technologies reducing the discharge of polluted water into the world’s oceans. In addition, specific initiatives like recycling programs and eco-friendly coatings are being implemented.

Recently, the cruise industry has turned its focus more towards the overall energy efficiency of their ships in an effort to reduce fuel oil consumption and CO2 emissions. This will be one of the focal points for the upcoming SEATRADE Cruise Shipping Miami conference and exhibition, held in Miami March 15-18. MARORKA representatives will be present in booth no. 1821.

Maximizing the ship’s energy efficiency is dependent upon the implementation of a comprehensive energy management strategy. Optimizing waste heat recovery, voyage planning, accurate fuel bunkering registration and speed profiling are some of the specific features available in Marorka’s Maren Energy Management system. The system gives the crew valuable information in real time on how energy efficiency can be improved.

Looking at the full picture, cruise lines need to monitor the entire fleet’s performance and navigational data, where ever the ships are located in the world. Marorka Portal is a shore-based fleet energy management system that provides a total overview of energy and environmental performance of a single ship, series or the entire fleet. The system can be set to transmit data from ship to land every 15 minutes via satellite or e-mail connection.

Visit Marorka at SEATRADE Cruise Shipping Miami in booth no. 1821.