Marorka concept building

Marorka HQ moves to new offices

We have moved our headquarters in Reykjavik to new offices. We have not moved far. In fact, we are still in the same street, but now at Borgartun 26, which is just 250 m or 3 minutes on foot from our old address.


New mailing address:

Marorka ehf
Borgartun 26
105 Reykjavik

Our new home is in a more technologically advanced building on a single floor, ensuring the best conditions for internal knowledge sharing. This better suits our needs as the leading provider of energy management solutions for the international shipping industry.

This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Marorka. The year leading up to our move has been rewarding as we have sealed a number of new fleet contracts. This has allowed us to shift our emphasis from monitoring individual ships to taking a fleet-wide approach. Effective energy management no longer revolves simply around fuel savings. It must also take into account environmental awareness, stronger business positions and compliance with regulations.

Energy management is a complex subject. Marorka’s superior data-driven energy management solutions provide access to real-time data on energy consumption, enabling the international shipping industry to monitor entire fleets. We provide easy connectivity, online access and resources in the cloud, as well as a set of advanced applications and advisory services. We support shipping businesses around the world, helping them make the best possible energy management decisions and significantly increase their competitiveness in a tightening market environment.

map_marorka_1 (1)The transformation from start-up to global company has only been possible with the dedication of our dynamic and highly skilled people. Here at Marorka, we are focused as always on the needs of our customers as we seek to develop effective solutions that bring real results to our customers