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Marorka International Maritime Performance MAP

Extensive experience and a proven track record

Marorka is the leading global provider of data-driven energy management and operational performance solutions for the international maritime industry. We enable our customers to reduce fuel consumption, cut emissions and increase fleet performance. Our data-driven systems can lead to significant financial savings.


Marorka’s combined onboard/onshore systems have been installed on more than 600 vessels and Marorka is recognized as the leading provider of energy management solutions.


At Marorka we deliver excellence in international maritime efficiency with data-driven analytics.

Focusing on:

  • Emission reduction and fuel savings
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Performance optimization and asset security


Our headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland, and we have offices in Germany, Singapore, and The United Arab Emirates.

Marorka International Maritime Performance MAP
maritime vessel image

Innovation and quality

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit combined with highly educated professionals, the company has shown its ability to present innovative solutions to the international maritime market, develop the solutions into marketable products and make them viable, economical and environmental assets.


Our customer portfolio includes shipping companies from the following international maritime industry segments:



Car carriers


Cruise liners and ferries

Fishing and research

Coast guard

Certificates and approval

Marorka’s production and research and development facility has implemented a Quality Management System that has been certified by DNV-GL to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Marorka’s products are type approved and have been tested in accordance with the requirements for the DNV-GL Type Approval System.

Marorka is a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner, which represents consistent capability, expertise, and commitment.

marorka nature

Nature and environment

Marorka has been awarded the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize for having developed IT tools which will significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in international maritime shipping.


We have managed to combine research and product development in an exemplary way which will have a positive influence on climate in a long-term perspective.


Driven by entrepreneurial spirit

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The Marorka team

Marorka is an excellent example of what can be accomplished through enterprise and diligence.


Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit combined with highly educated professionals, Marorka has developed innovative solutions and turned them into viable, economic and environmental assets for the international maritime industry and not only.


If you are interested in joining our team of highly qualified and enthusiastic individuals, we would like to hear from you.


Darri Gunnarsson, Head of Customer Service

Darri Gunnarsson


Haraldur Orri Bjornsson

Haraldur Orri Bjornsson

Director of Service

Gunnar Stefansson, Director of Product Management

Gunnar Stefansson

Director of Product Management


We’re looking for experienced people seeking challenging work to join our team.

marorka international maritime careers

Our Opportunities

Marorka’s dynamic group of employees contributes daily to global efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution.


Our software has been installed on board hundreds of ships all around the globe, collecting measurements, giving decision support and streaming data to our onshore data centre.

marorka international maritime careers


Our talented teams of programmers, IT experts, engineers and support personnel have helped to develop state-of-the-art systems that are used at sea and onshore by many of the world’s leading international maritime shipping organizations. We are ISO certified and proud recipients of the Vaxtarsprotinn award and Nordic Environmental Prize.


Marorka is always looking for a talented and ambitious people to join our growing international team throughout our global network.


General job applications

Please submit your applications to careers@marorka.com 

Please submit CV in English.


Success stories from selected customers.


laurin maritime vessel

Laurin Maritime operate a modern fleet of MR tankers for oil products and chemicals worldwide. A management team oversees day-to-day operation of the ships. Laurin Maritime started with an energy conservation programme back in 2008, and quickly identified the need for an automated data logging system. In 2012, they chose Marorka as provider of energy management system.

Capt. Pär Brandholm

Laurin Maritime’s Environmental & Nautical Manager

“We use Marorka Online to collect data for long-term analysis, to establish fleet trending and to highlight the cost of lost energy. We immediately saw the benefit of using automatically collected data compared to the data from noon reported we used before. The Marorka Maren Solution gives us much better information about what is actually happening on the ships. We can now accurately quantify the fuel oil savings we are achieving from hull and propeller cleaning. To date, we have experienced savings of 9.4% in fuel oil consumption as a result of our energy management activities.”

laurin maritime vessel


uasc maritime vessel

Founded in 1976, UASC is present in more than 75 countries around the world, covering over 200 ports and destinations worldwide. UASC offers containerized and conventional cargo transportation, temperature-controlled cargo and value-added services to a diversified global client base, covering the Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Australia, West Africa and The Americas.

Waleed Al Dawood


“ At UASC, we focus on providing our customers with environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient transport solutions. Marorka has delivered verifiable fuel savings and significant eco-efficiency benefits, as well as greater transparency, which is important for our fleet management team. We look forward to working with Marorka to deliver ever higher levels of eco-efficiency for our customers.”

uasc maritime vessel


neste maritime vessel

Neste is the parent company to Neste Shipping Oy, with approximately 5,000 employees, headquartered in Finland. Neste is a refining and marketing company, with a production focus on premium-quality, lower-emission traffic fuels. The company produces a comprehensive range of major petroleum products and is the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel. Neste is included in The Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations and has been selected into the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for several years in a row.

Jacob Granqvist

Chartering Operations Manager, Neste Shipping Oy

“Neste has been through a rigorous vetting process assessing a number of different service providers before choosing Marorka as our preferred supplier. This decision was based on Marorka’s quality product and Marorka’s many years of experience in providing performance management solutions for the shipping industry. The Marorka energy management solution will enable Neste to focus on optimizing the energy efficiency of their entire chartered fleet based on accurate real-time data”

neste maritime vessel


Why wait? You can be up and running with a solution to improve your fleet efficiency sooner than you think


Contact our sales management and schedule an appointment to discuss your requirements and milestones.

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Personal Data Privacy Policy

Explanation of Terms Marorka’, ‘We’ and ‘Our’ refer to Marorka ehf ‘Policy’ refers to Marorka’s Personal Data Privacy Policy

Marorka Personal Data Privacy Policy – Version 1.0

Explanation of Terms

Marorka’, ‘We’ and ‘Our’ refer to Marorka ehf

Policy’ refers to Marorka’s Personal Data Privacy Policy

1. What is Marorka’s Personal Data Privacy Policy?

1.1 Our policy explains how and why we collect and use personal data and explains you’re your data privacy rights.

1.2 We may collect, use and store your personal data, only in accordance with this privacy policy.

1.3 We reserve the right to amend this policy when necessary without prior notice. Changes to the policy will be communicated on our website (www.marorka.com) and you are advised to check our website regularly.

1.4 As a data controller, Marorka takes the protection of your personal data seriously and assures compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Act (EU GDPR). Please visit the website of your national data regulator for more information about GDPR in your preferred language. Any personal data we collect is treated as confidential. This data is securely stored, and only authorized personnel bound by confidentiality agreements have access.

2. How can you contact Marorka regarding your personal data?

2.1 For all data privacy and personal data queries, please contact privacy@marorka.com

3. What personal data does Marorka collect?

Type of Personal Data Purpose Legal Basis
Customer names, email addresses, and phone numbers To fulfil contracts – gathering requirements, delivery of products/services and customer service Performance of Contract
Customer email addresses Customer surveys to help us make improvements in line with customer wishes and newsletters to update customers on improvements Legitimate Business Interest
Employee names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, CVs Recruitment and to ensure we can contact our employees or former employees (only for as long as practical) Legitimate Business Interest
Employee emergency contact details To contact next of kin in case of emergency Consent
Employee bank details To fulfil contract between employer and employee Performance of Contract
Employee photos Internally: to assist employee cohesion and new employees’ onboarding.

Externally: may be used on the company website.

IP addresses To prevent fraud and attacks (deleted after 1 month) Legitimate Business Interest

4. How Marorka protects your personal data

4.1 Marorka will not transfer your personal data to a non-authorised state outside the EU without your consent.

4.2 To protect your data, Marorka maintains high security standards to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, or unauthorised alteration or destruction.

4.3 Data is only hosted with companies who maintain an ISO 27001 certificate for information security management.

4.4 Marorka has further signed Data Processing Agreements with cloud storage providers to provide an extra layer of legal protection to your personal data.

4.5 We build in privacy by design in the provision of our services and development of new products by considering if/why/when/how we need to collect/process it and how we secure that personal data during planning stages.

4.6 Marorka takes every practical precaution to protect your personal data, but you are advised to also follow best practice in relation to the protection of personal data you send or provide to us.

4.7 We will notify you promptly in the event of a breach of your personal data which might expose you to serious risk. Under EU data protection regulations, we also have an obligation to notify the Icelandic Data Protection Commission of such a breach involving EU/EEA citizens within 72 hours.

5. Who else has access to the information you provide us?

5.1 Marorka does not and will not sell your personal data. We will also not share your personal data with any third parties without your prior consent except when required to do so by law or as set out in the table in paragraph 3 or in paragraph 5.2 below.

5.2 We may pass your personal data to third parties who are service providers, agents and subcontractors to us for the purposes of completing tasks and providing services to you on our behalf (e.g. to send you surveys or organizing deliveries). We do this for the purpose of our legitimate interests in operating the company and for performing our contract with you. However, we disclose only the personal data that is necessary for the third party to deliver the service and we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure and not to use it for their own purposes. It is possible that third parties may themselves engage others (sub-processors) to process your data. Where this is the case third parties will be required to have contractual arrangements with their sub-processor(s) that ensure your information is kept secure and not used for their own purposes.

6. How long do we keep your information?

6.1 We will hold your personal data on our systems only for as long as required to maintain existing customer relationships or for as long as required to fulfil contractual or legal obligations. We may also hold contact details if required for operational reasons, but only for as long as practical and only for the legitimate interests of the company. A review of personal data is built into the annual internal audit plan to ensure we are still entitled to process it. If we decide that we are not entitled to do so, we will stop processing your personal data except that we will retain your personal data in an archived form in order to be able to comply with future legal obligations e.g. compliance with tax requirements and exemptions, and the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

6.2 We securely destroy all financial information once we have used it and no longer need it.



7. Marorka’s Cookie Policy

7.1 Marorka’s websites use cookies which, when activated, have the ability to track your use of the webpages (what pages you click on, how long you stay on a page, remembering details you enter into forms etc.). A cookie is a small piece of data sent from our website and stored on your browser to improve your experience of the site. Marorka uses this information when activated for quality and marketing purposes to understand what visitors like and how we can improve.

7.2 Cookies are divided into essential and non-essential cookies. Essential cookies are necessary for the smooth functioning of the website. The EU’s GDPR protects your personal data by compelling website owners to give you control over non-essential cookies. As Marorka is committed to your data privacy, we use a plugin to provide you with control over these non-essential cookies. You may opt to turn them on or off at any time.

8. Your rights

8.1 You have rights under the GDPR: (a) to access your personal data (b) to be provided with information about how your personal data is processed (c) to have your personal data corrected (d) to have your personal data erased in certain circumstances (e) to object to or restrict how your personal data is processed (f) to have your personal data transferred to yourself or to another business in certain circumstances.

8.2 You have the right to take any complaints about how we process your personal data to the Icelandic Information Commissioner:


Rauðarárstígur 10, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland.

Tel. +354-510-9600

e-mail: postur@personuvernd.is

For more details and to avail of your rights under GDPR, please address any questions, comments and requests regarding our data processing practices to privacy@marorka.com