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Marorka launches Online SEEMP

Icelandic marine energy management solutions provider Marorka has announced the launch of Marorka Online SEEMP, a new addition to its range of leading energy management solutions for ships. Last year, the IMO announced amendments to MARPOL that will make the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) mandatory from 1 January 2013 for all ships over 400 gross tonnage. Marorka is launching its Online SEEMP product to help make compliance with the new IMO SEEMP requirements a straightforward task for shipowners and managers. This new web-based product guides ship operators through the creation of the SEEMP and greatly reduces the effort required in planning, maintaining and evaluating SEEMPs for an entire fleet.

“We at Marorka are quite excited about SEEMP. We’ve been living and breathing energy management for ships for over a decade now, and it’s our belief that SEEMP will prove to be an effective catalyst for improving energy efficiency. We have created an add-on for Marorka Online, our web-based fleet energy management solution, which allows SEEMP to become an integral part of ship management. Our development team has been focusing on making an easy-to-use tool for shipping companies to maintain their SEEMP’s,” said Kristinn A. Aspelund, Marorka Sales and Marketing Director.

Managing SEEMPs online brings many benefits, including:
Fleet overview for measures and goals with a calendar view for upcoming projects.
Central repository and simple document management – crew can print the most recent version from the web.
Continuous evaluation and improvement based on analytic reports and live measurements.

About Marorka

Marorka is a leading producer of energy management systems and the primary energy management research company for ocean vessels. Marorka’s mission is to empower people to increase energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. With over a decade of experience, Marorka has helped operators improve the energy efficiency of more than 200 ships all around the world. Effective energy management is essential for the shipping industry to meet mandatory regulations, reduce fuel bills and improve competitiveness. Marorka provides a range of robust solutions for the shipping industry in four categories:

Marorka Onboard encompasses a range of energy management products for installation on ships of all types.
Marorka Server (platform for data collection and management)
Navigation Optimization (voyage planning and optimization)
Propulsion Optimization (dynamic trim, hull and propulsion optimization)
Fuel Management
Reporting and Data Management

Marorka Online is a web-based analytical tool and dashboard for fleet-wide energy management.

Marorka EDT is a design tool incorporating advanced modelling and simulation processes.

Marorka Program is a complete set of measures and consulting services that form a continuous improvement program based on a practical energy management approach for ships.