Marorka Partner Program (MPP) launched

Marorka has launched the Marorka Partner Program (MPP) in order to respond to the expanding market for energy management solutions. The MPP is geared both towards Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of systems and solutions for the marine industry, and Value Added Resellers (VARs) who are generally providers of consultancy services to the industry.

The MPP is a committed partnership program which enables its partners to add professional energy management products and/or services to their offerings. The partners thus focus on their core business while providing value added energy management services to the market. Marorka offers its unique systems, analytical tools, know-how and training through the program. The partners act as resellers, energy management consultants, and providers of technical support and service for the energy management systems. Information on current partners of Marorka can be found on the Our Partners page.

To apply for the MPP or to request additional information, please contact our Sales Department at telephone number: +354 582 8000 or by e-mail: