Marorka and SDARI Signed a Strong Partnership Agreement

On 23rd October 2017, Mr. Hu Jin Tao, President of Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) and Mr. Juergen Kudritzki, CEO of Marorka, signed a partnership agreement.
In this partnership, the two parties will work in a very close cooperation to promote maritime energy and performance management, improve sustainable business development and develop a smart ship concept that will increase the competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding and shipping enterprises.

Such close cooperation between SDARI, one of the most recognized ship design houses in the world and Marorka, one of the leading providers of data-driven energy management and operational performance solutions will benefit the clients of the two companies as well as the shipping industry in general. This partnership will be able to offer integrated optimizations and automation solutions with the aim of saving cost, and increase efficiency and safety onboard all types of vessels.
“It is my pleasure to announce that this partnership with Marorka will add significant value to the development of more fuel-efficient vessels with data driven energy management and operational performance. This will enable our customers to reduce fuel consumption with a very short payback time for the system, improve the environmental foot print by cutting emissions and optimize fleet performance giving significant financial savings and improved safety.” said Mr. Hu, President of SDARI, who adds that “This partnership will assist SDARI in accelerating the development of a smart ship concept”.

“This partnership with SDARI will open many new doors for Marorka to the Chinese market. Marorka will benefit from the strong design capabilities and marketing network that SDARI has via its long history of designing high quality vessels for the Chinese shipyards”. Mr. Kudritzki further adds that “The high level of technical skills and understanding of ships design that SDARI has developed over many years will assist Marorka in its future development of even more advanced optimizations systems for both new-building’s and retro-fit existing vessels.”

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