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Marorka shortlisted for the Fuel Efficiency Award

We are delighted to announce that Marorka has been shortlisted for the Fuel Efficiency Award at The Marine Propulsion Awards, which will be held in London on 15 April 2015. The Fuel Efficiency Award is presented to a company, shipowner, operator or maritime institution that has pioneered or demonstrated a marine engineering solution which leads to better vessel fuel economy.



MARORKA WALLBOARD is part of a holistic approach to marine energy management that brings improved transparency to ship management. Marorka Wallboard is a web-based application which runs as an add-on to Marorka Online. The application can be displayed on a large, wall-mounted monitor in management offices where it provides a platform for monitoring vessel and fleet performance in real time. The Wallboard increases transparency by making energy data readily available and accessible, thus raising awareness of energy consumption. It also provides an excellent way to actively monitor vessels as soon as they join a Marorka project.

In addition, esteemed customer United Arab Shipping Company has been shortlisted for the Shipowner Efficiency Award. This nomination recognizes a company, shipowner, operator or maritime institution that has set a new benchmark in marine engineering operational excellence that is demonstrated in higher standards of vessel performance.

Here at Marorka, we are very proud of our energy management collaboration with UASC, and we are especially pleased that they have been nominated for this award. UASC is a leader in the global shipping sector. Their investment in fuel efficiency demonstrates their ambition to offer environmentally friendly transportation.