Marorka signs Fleet Contract with Thenamaris Ships Management Inc

Thenamaris’; Objective is to continually improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. Thenamaris is committed to be a leading company in the maritime industry in energy management. Thenamaris has selected Marorka energy management solutions covering all major energy systems on board their fleet of vessels. The solutions selected include Marorka’;s Propulsion, Trim & Hull, Power Plant, Steam, Voyages, Navigation and Reporting products. “We are very proud of our work together with Thenamaris. They are a top class company with modern ships and staffed with well educated and very capable and experienced personnel. We see this as a big opportunity for everybody involved and we are committed to assist Thenamaris in reducing their fuel bill”, said Kristinn Aspelund, Marorka Sales and Marketing Director. “We have been working with Marorka now for three years, we have been satisfied with the comprehensive portfolio of advanced solutions and we look forward to see the effect of implementing their energy management systems into our fleet.“, said Vasileios Lampropoulos, Thenamaris Technical Manager. Thenamaris is an independent ship management company with over 40 years experience in providing services to owners of large ocean-going vessels. The fleet under Thenamaris’; management comprises of oil tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels. Thenamaris aims at constantly delivering extraordinary performance in the maritime industry in a socially responsible way. Marorka is a leading producer of energy management systems and the primary energy management research company for ocean vessels. Marorka’;s mission is to deliver high quality products and services to allow customers to save fuel, increase profitability and reduce harmful emissions. Its customers are owners of passenger, container, tanker, bulker, navy and fishing vessels as well as manufacturers of equipment used in the shipping industry.