Signing Agreement between MARORKA and SMDERI

Marorka and SMDERI sign a cooperation agreement

Juergen Kudritzki, CEO of Marorka Iceland, and Dong Jianfu, President of Shanghai Marine Diesel Engine Research Institute (SMDERI), recently signed a cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The two organizations will work in close cooperation to promote maritime energy management, improve sustainable business development and enhance the green competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding and shipping enterprises.

According to this cooperation agreement, MARORKA and SMDERI will establish a product training and demonstration centre in Shanghai. The organizations will also work together to promote the application of energy management and operational performance solutions in the Chinese market, to further enhance ship efficiency and to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. These are essential objectives for improving the core competitiveness of China’s shipbuilding and shipping companies.

IMG_7285_aThe introduction of new international shipbuilding standards along with new regulations mean that shipping operators must adapt to green energy saving and environmental protection requirements through the application of cutting-edge scientific and technological advances. Maritime energy management and operational performance solutions can help owners save 3 –15% of fuel per year without altering existing on-board hardware.

This is an exciting cooperating agreement that will lead to significant environmental benefits and sizable financial gain for the Chinese shipping industry. Marorka is proud to be a part of the cooperation with SMDERI and looks forward working closely with them to fulfil the agreement.