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Marorka supports the ICE-SAR Organization in Iceland

Marorka has made a donation to a local ICE-SAR team, HSSK, which operates three rescue boats in the capital region.

In Iceland search and rescue operations are conducted by the volunteers of the ICE-SAR Organization, (the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue). Every November for the last 9 years, the ICE-SAR Organization and their volunteers sell a key-chain figure, a tiny ICE-SAR figurine, door to door. This is their main funding for the year along with the annual fireworks fundraiser for New Years.

Independent associations have an extensive role in prevention and rescue work in Iceland. Thousands of volunteers dedicate themselves to work for the ICE-SAR rescue teams, accident prevention divisions and youth sections. Their joint mission is to prevent accidents and save human lives and valuables. In order to fulfil that role there are extensive groups of volunteers always available, night and day, year round.

StefnirFrequent ship losses, together with the tragic deaths of fishermen, marked the start of the work of ICE-SAR. Many of the association’s rescue teams on the coast are specially trained to search and rescue, both at sea and along the coast of Iceland. Nearly 200 lifeboats of all sizes and makes are always ready for use, equipped with tough, well-trained crews.

Marorka is a proud supporter of the ICE-SAR Organization in Iceland.