Girls in ICT

Marorka takes part in Girls in ICT Day

Marorka invited a group of schoolgirls to visit the company’s headquarters as a part of Girls in ICT Day. A total of 80 14-year-old girls from five schools will attend the University of Reykjavík and four technology companies on Wednesday, 30 April 2014.

The project is sponsored by the University of Reykjavik, Sky, GreenQloud, Samtök iðnaðarins, Skema and /sys/tur, and receives addition financial support from the Investment in Equality Fund

The aim of the day is to introduce young ladies to information technology, engage them in an interesting programme of events, allow them to meet female role models in the industry and involve them in exciting projects during their visits to major technology firms.

The University of Reykjavik will challenge the participants with workshops in web-design, programming and artificial intelligence set up by Skema /sys/tur and the computer science department.
The group will then visit successful technology companies, including Marorka, Advania, GreenQloud and Hugsmiðjan, where they will gain an insight into how IT companies operate and the opportunities available to young women after they complete their technology studies.

Heiða Njóla

The European event
Girls in ICT Day is observed in many parts of Europe on or around 24 April every year. It is sponsored by the International Telecommunication Union and the European Union as part of the Digital Agenda Programme.
This is the first time that Iceland takes part, although Girls in ICT Day took place on April 30 in Iceland to avoid a national holiday.

This year, more than 30,000 girls will take part in 1300 events held in 100 countries. A shortage of staff with training in technology has become a global problem. Women account for only 20% of all students in technology-related education. Although the majority of university students in Iceland are female, 80% of students learning technological subjects are male.

The technology industry has become one of the largest industries in the world, and the demand for technical training continues to grow, as does the number of technology jobs available. Technology jobs feature in the top twenty list of highest paid jobs in the world.

The aim of Girls in ICT Day is to break up stereotypes in the technological sector and encourage girls to pursue a career in technology by showing them what the technology industry offers.