Marorka Figure Wallboard

Marorka Wallboard

Marorka product team has been working on new and improved features for Marorka Online.

Marorka Wallboard is a web-based application run as an add-on to Marorka Online. The application is ideal to be displayed on a big TV monitor in management offices where it provides a platform for monitoring vessel and fleet performance in real-time. The objective with Marorka Wallboard is to increases transparency, raise awareness for energy management and provides a good way to actively monitor data quality from the beginning of Marorka projects.

photo 4Over the course of next few months we will continue to improve the Marorka Wallboard by providing information on how crews are following advise as given by Marorka Onboard applications such as Marorka Voyages and Marorka Trim & Hull.