Jón Agùst receiving award for Marorka

Marorka wins the Nordic Council's Nature and Environment Prize 2008!

MARORKA was yesterday awarded the Nordic Council’s Nature and Environmental Prize 2008. Marorka received the prize for having developed an energy management system for reducing energy consumption and emissions in shipping. MARORKA has demonstrated that significant reductions in fuel consumption can be achieved by utilising its systems and methodologies.

On behalf of MARORKA, Managing Director Dr. Jon Agust Thorsteinsson accepted the prize yesterday at the Nordic Council’s meeting in Helsinki. “Receiving the Nature and Environment Prize is a significant achievement for us at MARORKA. Our employees have made a supreme effort in the development of methods for reducing oil consumption that has now started to offer a return on investment. The same is true for our external stakeholders, including our current customers and partners as well as the various Icelandic and Nordic research and development funding agencies who have invested in many of our projects. The prize is also a great inspiration to other companies that are focusing on environmental technology. We feel that this result is particularly important to increase the focus on current environmental matters in the shipping industry,” said Dr. Thorsteinsson.

For the past decade, MARORKA has developed mathematical methods and systems that enable officers to manage their vessel’s energy consumption and thereby decrease fuel consumption and significantly reduce the quantity of harmful emissions. This system is called the “Maren – Energy Management System”. The ongoing development of Maren has also resulted in a variety of energy management solutions that meet the market’s needs.

In the Adjudication Committee’s motivation it says, among other things, that “MARORKA has managed to combine research and product development in an exemplary way which will have a positive influence on climate in a long-term perspective. In addition, the product has become profitable in industrial production. In the international environmental debate, the shipping industry has recently been identified as a serious source of emissions. MARORKA’s innovation will contribute to reducing this global problem.”

MARORKA is growing rapidly on an international basis and is currently working for several leading shipping companies in Europe and North America. MARORKA’s products have been installed in a wide variety of vessels, and today, MARORKA is recognised worldwide as a leading company in developing and delivering energy management systems for the maritime sector.