Marorka's 5th anniversary

On June 6th, employees celebrated Marorkas 5th anniversary.

Last year has proven to be a year of growth and changes; here are some main events:

1. The New Business Venture Found, an Icelandic venture capital investor, invested in Marorka.
2. Marorka´s customer base increased significantly by Marorka developing relationship with some of the world’s greatest ship owners.
3. A strategic planning session was completed in November 2006 where all employee’s views and opinions were shared and incorporated into Marorka´s plans for the future. Based on this work, Marorka has now defined its Vision, Mission and Core Values.
4. New organizational chart for Marorka was approved.
5. Marorka´s Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 was audited by DNV in March 2007.
6. Marorka was the first Icelandic company to exhibit in the SMM exhibition in Hamburg. Marorka also participated in Nor-Fishing in Trondheim.
7. Version 2.2 of the Maren Energy Management System was released.
8. In March 2007 Marorka was awarded the growth company of the year (Vaxtarsprotinn 2007).