marorka online maritime management

Monitoring long-term KPIs and live ship data in Marorka Online

The Marorka Online development team has been busy deploying new features and improvements every two weeks, and here are some of the main updates we’ve released recently.

Ship profile and KPIs

Online development in the coming months will focus mainly on tracking and presenting key performance indicators. This week we launched a new module in Marorka Online called Fleet.

The fleet overview page contains a table showing KPIs which you can order by ships’ names or by column values. Click on the name of a ship and you will be able to read the latest reported values for Propulsion Performance (kg/nm), Speed and RPM from gauges.

On the ship profile page, you can now also track the yearly trend for kg/nm, MT/day and average speed. The yearly trend is filtered to exclude speeds below 5 knots and weather above force 5 on the Beaufort scale.

This page will continue to evolve and include more KPIs based on voyage information, recommendations from Marorka Onboard and deviations from baseline curves.

Manual reports

Manually entered reports are now available on the Ship Profile page. You can click through Departure, Arrival, Noon and Intake reports with ease and print from your browser.

Marorka Online SEEMP

We have had considerable interest in our new Online SEEMP module, and we are working closely with subscribed companies on completing the documentation before 1 January 2013.

If you have not started your SEEMP process, please contact our consultancy team who can help you produce the document based on your company priorities.

Additional updates

  • Automatic data integrity check for ships sending data to Marorka Online
  • Speed Power report for ships with baseline curves
  • Usability and performance updates