New improved fuel feature

New fuel management, baselines and data analytics features in Marorka Online

The Marorka development team has been working on new features and improvements to Marorka Online. Our latest enhancements provide shipowners and operators with a user-friendly platform which simplifies the management of energy, OPEX and crews, and brings cost savings.

The new features include a fuel management solution, based on manually reported data from Marorka Onboard. The extra functionality incorporates consumption, bunkering and ROB overviews for onshore management in Marorka Online.

performanceOther notable new features in Marorka Online include creation of speed-consumption and speed-power baselines based on auto-logged data, which enables vessel performance comparison between periods or between vessels in a class.
Marorka Online now also allows you to create a flexible data dashboard, where onshore management can make various data analyses based on any measurement sent from ship to shore. We have also improved interactive reports for operational profiles, propulsion and machinery and introduced new reports for fleet, voyage and real-time tracking of the usage of Marorka decision support features, closing the feedback loop for performance optimization.

“The number of vessels and users in Marorka Online has grown significantly over the past couple of years. When we release new features, we initiate a dialogue with users and get instant feedback about the enhancements. This feedback, together with user responses from our bi-annual Orka user conference, helps us shape our product development and has resulted in many new and improved features,” says Oskar Sigthorsson, Marorka Online Product Manager. “Marorka Online is under continuous development, and we make new releases available for all our users every couple of months,” he adds.

Marorka Online was launched in 2011 and has since been the leading platform to inspire shipping company employees to focus on fleet performance. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet data and facilitates effective collaboration between ship and shore.