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ORKA 2015

ORKA 2015, the second Marorka user conference took place in Iceland on 9–10 September 2015.

Our customers joined us to discuss ship energy management and to reflect on the progress we have made since our previous summit in 2013. Participants shared their energy management experience. Took part in expert panels, joined in development workshop and helped to plot the course of energy management in the years to come.

The first day was held in the Blue Lagoon, a venue symbolizing the overarching theme of energy. We put together a balanced mixture of presentations and discussions.

Speakers were Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO, Marorka, Gunnar Stefansson, CTO, Marorka, Kristinn Aspelund, Director of Business Development, Marorka, Octavi Sadó Garriga, Senior Fleet Performance Manager, Nordic Tankers, Jacob W. Clausen, Head of Advisory, Marorka, Georg Haraldsson, Director of Marorka Middle East, on behalf of UASC Steffen Grothmann, Helgi S. Fridriksson, Research and Development, Marorka and Hannes Johnson Dep. of Shipping and Marine Technology Chalmers University of Technology.

At the end of Day One, a panel moderated by David Ludviksson (Federation of Icelandic Trade) discussed energy management in practice. The panellists were Ole Skatka Jensen (Marorka), Paer Brandholm (Laurin Maritime), Carsten Manniche (Ultraship) and Gunnar Stefansson (Marorka).

On Day Two we moved to Fosshotel Reykjavik, where participants and Marorkans engaged in discussions on current and future challenges in energy management. The actual themes addressed during the workshops were based on topics proposed by the participants.

The conference was highly successful. It provided extremely useful feedback that will help us to align our products and services to our customers’ current and future needs.
The ORKA summit is by invitation only and was attended by our valued customers, and we truly appreciate the valuable time they spent with us in Iceland.