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Speed optimization can result in a 1-5% reduction in fuel consumption

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure

A merchant ship is a huge asset, and the inventory on board has significant financial value.

Data-driven methods to monitor and manage how these assets are handled have proven to provide quantifiable benefits. Access to operational data collected at high frequency, available on board and on shore with minimum latency, provides opportunities for long-term analysis along with the capability to generate actionable information and realistic KPIs.


Fuel for propulsion is one of the biggest cost factors in shipping. An extensive auto-logging system with analytical capabilities can detect abnormal operational data in real time.


An example:
Marorka experts noticed a spike in measurements from a fuel flow meter during a container ship voyage from Europe to Asia. Sea conditions were calm and the shaft power and speed through water remained stable. The data indicated that something was seriously wrong, either a major equipment failure or severe fuel leakage. Normal consumption would be approximately 45 MT, but the actual flow was 75 MT. An unrecoverable 30MT fuel leakage results in a loss of more than USD 15,000 for the ship’s operator over a 24-hour period.

Having the tools and the capability to spot discrepancies as soon as they occur can be of immense value to shipping companies.

The need for the shipping industry to manage energy resources and create sustainable business practices at all levels is evident, actual, and imperative. Our goal is for the entire shipping industry to become more energy efficient, more sustainable and more competitive. We provide improved ship designs, reliable data and synthesize and analyze that data in new ways. We gather reliable information to help you improve your daily operations.

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For effective energy efficiency and performance management execution, the following elements are essential:

  • A well thought out energy and performance management plan for the whole fleet.
  • Accurate data monitoring underpinned by instrumentation and software.
  • Software applications onboard your ships that improve energy efficiency and operational performance.
  • Reliable onshore software that encourages transparency, promotes awareness and tracks KPI’s.
  • Analytical applications to determine the optimal energy and performance management measures.

Make a plan

Before you do anything else

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Improving energy efficiency and performance management is a business process involving familiar stages: plan, do, check and act. Accurate data is the best foundation for any plan. You need to understand your current state and set baselines to measure the effects of your energy saving actions.

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The first phase of planning is to decide how you are going to handle performance management. What are you going to measure and how do you process the data?Our key strength is automatic data logging utilizing the Marorka Maren Server.Many of our clients have a mixed model where some ships implement electronic data logging while others collect data through manual reporting.


Through the years, we have implemented three categories of key performance indicators. 1. Data integrity, reporting, fuel balance. 2. Actionable voyage execution, speed, trim, hull. 3. Directional EEOI, kg/nm, time spent waiting. Indicators can apply differently to roles within your organization. While management is interested in directional KPI’s, your crew is focusing on actionable KPI’s.


With a clear idea on how you are going to carry out monitoring and which indicators you will benchmark, you can then set objectives for energy efficiency. Setting company-wide and ship-specific goals that are achievable and shared between internal stakeholders helps raise awareness and transparency. Marorka Online keeps track of your current status and helps you to clearly visualize your goals.


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Implement energy saving measures

With an energy management plan in place, your company can embark on implementing measures to improve performance. We have a long list of recommended measures for improving energy efficiency in navigation, fuel management, propulsion, trim, hull and machinery. Marorka engineers will work with you on selecting the correct applications and actions in order to realise substantial savings. We highly recommend implementing a continuous improvement cycle in which every voyage is planned and evaluated by the crew on board and by employees on shore.

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Your first priority should be to collect accurate and valid data before you start trying to improve the energy efficiency of the ship. Marorka Onboard applications help you achieve propulsion, navigation and machinery optimization. Marorka Online provides a transparent fleet-wide overview for all stakeholders to follow up on energy saving measures and review voyages. Decision support for the operator allows you to optimize energy efficiency at all levels.


Before embarking on a voyage, the crew decides on a planned route, schedule, speed profile and trim. Marorka Onboard applications enable the crew to constantly handle performance management, react to fuel wastage caused by inefficiency and improve planning through voyage evaluations.


Sharing energy information between ship and shore raises awareness and helps realize savings throughout your company. Conducting post evaluations where crew and office employees go through every voyage sharing the same data view helps you identify opportunities for savings and improve planning.


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Performance Management 4 steps diagram


A secure web application which collects operational data from Marorka Onboard servers and delivers a valuable overview of your fleet’s fuel use, performance and emissions. Marorka Online inspires employees to focus on fleet performance. It is the ideal platform for visualizing fleet data and facilitates collaboration between ship and shore.


Marorka’s Fleet Performance Center (FPC) supports stakeholders in establishing a complete overview of all performance related issues. Fleet performance management brings transparency, comprehensibility, timely feedback and control. Get expert support and discover your fleet’s true performance levels through a holistic overview and realistic KPIs.


An example which Marorka identified recently involved a main engine lube oil pump on board a capesize bulk carrier. The pump was running continuously, regardless of the ship’s operational state. It was driven by a 180kW motor with a daily fuel and OPEX cost of approximately USD 400.


Performance Management evaluate diagram


Performance Management evaluate diagram


Daily readings and manual observations will never be an acceptable basis for energy efficiency improvements. Only very accurate systems can support energy efficiency improvement targets between 1% and 10%. Marorka Maren Server accurately and safely reads the signals from sensors and stores the measurements in a database for immediate and future analysis.


Having accurate data that you can act on is invaluable. It is a known fact that fuel meters, log speed and weather readings introduce significant margins of error into energy efficiency calculations. Marorka Maren Server, with its patented OP3 platform, continuously collects data from Marorka Data Acquisition Units and automatically assesses the quality of that data before allowing its use by the system.


Track monthly, quarterly and annual trends derived from your energy management plan in Marorka Online. Keep a close eye on individual ships and monitor company-wide fleet objectives. Key performance indicators are available at your fingertips through our user friendly web-based solution. Marorka applications and Marorka Online have unique capabilities that support all stakeholders in energy efficiency improvements.


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