Marorka Onboard

Enable real time management of vessel performance. Marorka Onboard provides clear decision support tools to optimise fuel consumption which leads to reduced emissions. Located on-board the vessel, it equips you with performance monitoring, electronic measurement logging, simulation-based decision support and also extensive energy and performance analysis.

Marorka provides complete end-to-end connectivity onboard. We

  • Connect directly to any sensors or other onboard systems to log data
  • Provide variable scope of hardware and software depending on your needs (small or large, simple or advanced)
  • Recommend sensor packages is best for vessel performance management
  • Deliver services and support worldwide
  • Offer competitive and flexible pricing
  • Are completely cyber secured

Driven By Data

Data acquisition is fundamental to our automatic logging solutions. Our solution is set up to measure or access information on the ship, directly with our own devices and with external devices and systems. Our devices are capable of processing and translating signals from meters and sensors, and support a range of standard and proprietary communication protocols.

Marorka Ehf
Marorka Ehf
Marorka Ehf
Marorka Ehf