Marorka Exposing Fuel Leakage

Marorka Expert saving tip #2: Spot the fuel leakage

A merchant ship is a huge asset, and the inventory on board has significant financial value.

Data-driven methods to monitor and manage how these assets are handled have proven to provide quantifiable benefits.  Access to operational data collected at high frequency, available on board and on shore with minimum latency, provides opportunities for long-term analysis along with the capability to generate actionable information and realistic KPIs.

Fuel for propulsion is one of the biggest cost factors in shipping. An extensive auto-logging system with analytical capabilities can detect abnormal operational data in real time.

An example:

Marorka experts noticed a spike in measurements from a fuel flow meter during a container ship voyage from Europe to Asia. Sea conditions were calm and the shaft power and speed through water remained stable. The data indicated that something was seriously wrong, either a major equipment failure or severe fuel leakage. Normal consumption would be approximately 45 MT, but the actual flow was 75 MT. An unrecoverable 30MT fuel leakage results in a loss of more than USD 15,000 for the ship’s operator over a 24-hour period.

Having the tools and the capability to spot discrepancies as soon as they occur can be of immense value to shipping companies.

Marorka provides services to monitor, intervene and improve, using online and on-board tools that gather and analyse operational data. Marorka Fleet Performance Centre experts continuously monitor ships’ performance in real time and act immediately on any deviation to ensure that every ship is operated efficiently and that vital assets are handled safely.