Traffic lights for data quality and decision support in Marorka Online

Marorka Online now includes a new Traffic lights feature. It gives you a clear overview of the status of your fleet with regards to performance monitoring and what action needs to be taken. You see a world map showing the status of your vessels along with detailed KPIs. As data quality is crucial in performance monitoring, the KPIs cover data quality of both auto-logged data and manual reports. To help improve performance, we also include KPIs to monitor effective speed management, dynamic trim optimization and machinery optimization, with usage of Marorka applications (Marorka Voyages, Marorka Trim and Marorka Machinery).

In combination with Marorka applications, the Traffic lights feature can result in significant fuel cost savings. It will also alert you when there is potential for more effective speed management and improved dynamic trim and machinery operation. Traffic lights ensures that you are alerted when you need to take action to improve data quality.