UASC maritime vessel heavy load


United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) recently announced a record breaking load of 18,601 TEUs on board M.V. Al Muraykh, one of the world’s three greenest vessels currently operated by UASC.

We are proud of our cooperation with ‪‎UASC‬ and delighted that they have Marorka energy management systems for their fleet. UASC is one of the industry’s largest and most technologically advanced shipping companies and a leader in the global shipping sector. The partnership between UASC and Marorka, ensures that UASC has the most advanced Energy Management Solution available for its entire fleet and that the fleet is operated in the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly way.

uasc_vessel night
The ultra-large container vessel departed Port Klang in Malaysia bound for Felixstowe – UK as part of AEC1 service carrying 18,601 TEUs. The vessel will be sailing for two weeks. This unprecedented westbound shipment is also UASC’s highest utilization to date of this very eco-efficient class, meaning the CO2 output per TEU on this journey is set to be more than 60% lower if the same containers were shipped on board a 13,500 TEU ship.

M.V. Al Muraykh was delivered in August 2015; the same vessel was celebrated across different Asian and European ports while on its maiden voyage earlier this year.