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Unmanned vessels – MUNIN project update

Marorka is a participant in the MUNIN project, an EU-funded initiative which is investigating the possibility of using unmanned ocean-going ships for transportation. Eight organizations are working together on the project which has been running for the past two and a half years and is scheduled to reach its conclusion at the end of August 2015.

The MUNIN concept addresses a wide range of aspects that could affect ships sailing under automated control, with no crew or officers on board. These aspects include economic implications, the social and environmental impact, search and rescue operations, security against piracy and terrorist threats, collision avoidance, compliance with maritime laws and regulations, ship maintenance and many other factors.

Marorka has been a contributor to this initiative since its inception. Two of our MUNIN representatives went to the Maritime Simulation Centre in Warnemude, Germany to take part in a consortium meeting to plan the last test run of the MUNIN prototype. A shore control centre (SCC) has been set up in one of the centre’s classrooms with a direct connection to a ship simulator. Experienced maritime personnel will operate the SCC and demonstrate the concept in a range of operational scenarios. Marorka’s contribution to these simulations includes a load-balancing model of all the electrical energy producers, performance reporting and a condition-based maintenance scheme. You can find out more about the project on the MUNIN website.

Last week’s meeting was the final gathering of technicians and scientists before the presentation of the project and a proof-of-concept demonstration, which will take place in Warnemünde on the 10–11 June 2015.